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Ipswich hosts track & field meet


Bailey Hammrich hands off to Halle Heinz.

Ipswich hosted a small track and field invite for six area teams last Friday afternoon and the home team turned in an impressive showing both in individual events and relay efforts. The Lady Tigers indeed powered to a 332 to 106 team victory over runner-up Eureka-Bowdle and the Tiger boys topped second-place Warner 251-151.

"It was a little windy today, but both Ipswich teams performed really well," said IHS coach Todd Thorson "Highlighted by Lily Gaston in triple (jump) and long jump and Taylor Maurer in pole vault.  Both of them had marks ranking them first in the state in pole vault and triple jump." Thorson continued:  "If you look at the team total points, Ipswich set a new record for team scoring today.  An average of 10 points (1st place) in 19 events is 190 and the girls came close to doubling that.  Not that we enter to score points, it just turned out that way. This was a good tune up for regions for everyone that participated today."

That Gaston triple-jump win was 35-05.00 and her long jump victory was 16-08.00 bettering her new school record, while Maurer's top pole vault of the day was 10-06.00.

That regional test is scheduled for Thursday, May 16 in Gettysburg. Any remaining would-be state qualifiers need to place either first or second in their particular event or at least exceed the state-qualifying time or distance at the Region 2B meet. Maxwell Geditz was the lone brand new state qualfier at Friday's meet with his second-place 2:06.05 800-meter run.

The Lady Tigers won all five relay events on Friday, starting with the 4x100 at :52.96, comprised of Bailey Hammrich, Taylor Maurer, Halle Heinz and Lily Gaston. The 4x200 was won in 1:57.25, ran by Paige Mehlberg, Bailey Hammrich, Taylor Maurer and Ashlyn Weig. The girls' 4x400 team crossed the finish line first in 4:41.59 and those runners were Paige Mehlberg, Emily DeRaad, Aleah Steger and Ashley Ptacek. Ipswich's A team was clocked first at 11:24.28 in the 4x800, manned by Lindsey Grabowska, Emily DeRaad, Kari Kanable and Ashley Ptacek. The medley relay event featured a 5:15.44 win by the IHS girls Kendra Osborne, Gracie Lange, Abby Grabowska and Madison Geditz.

Kamryn Heinz won both the shot put and discus at 36-08.00 and 94-09, respectively.

Abby Grabowska claimed the 400-meter dash, clocked at 1:05.51. Baylee Kulesa won the 1,600-meter run in 6:23.23, while Ashlyn Weig topped all the 300-meter hurdlers in :54.67.

Meanwhile the Tiger boys earned two relay wins --- both sprint relays. Ty Kadlec, William Kadlec, Matthew Hettich and Carson Simes teamed up to capture the 4x100-meter relay title in :46.24. Ipswich also won the 4x200, manufactured by William Kadlec, Maxwell Geditz, Ben Kulesa and Carson Simes in 1:36.61.

Simes also sped to a 100-meter dash win in :11.43 and Ben Kulesa captured the 800-meter run in 2:04.93. Josh McQuarie also won the 300-meter hurdles in :46.32. And he didn't fare too badly in the triple jump either with a 37-03.75 victory. Maxwell Geditz topped the high jump in 6-00.00 and Reece Moehlenbrink, the shot put at 45-10.50.

Other placements not mentioned:


100-Meter Dash: 2, Bailey Hammrich, :13.49; 3, Halle Heinz, :13.53; 4, Kendra Osborne, :13.59; 5, Abby Grabowska :13.66.

200-Meter Dash: 2, Lily Gaston, :28.08; 4, Halle Heinz, :30.03; 6, Abby Grabowska, :30.54; 7, Bailey Hammrich, :30.74; 8, Avery Sylte, :31.10.

400-Meter Dash: 2, Halle Heinz, 1:05.87; 3, Emily DeRaad, 1:08.14; 5, Aleah Steger, 1:09.53; 8, Lindsey Grabowska, 1:15.16.

800-Meter Run: 2, Baylee Kulesa, 2:58.90; 3, Kari Kanable, 2:59.78; 4, Chloe Jager, 3:01.53.

1,600-Meter Run: 2, Kari Kanable, 6:39.51; 3, Chloe Jager, 6:51.32; 4, Jailey Hutson, 6:58.35.

100-Meter Hurdles: 2, Ashlyn Weig, :18.04; 6, Quincy Olivier, :21.06; 7, Makala DeRaad, :22.45.

300-Meter Hurdles: 7, Quincy Olivier, 1:01.63; 8, Makala DeRaad, 1:09.34.

4x100-Meter Relay: 3, Ipswich B, :55.72.

4x200-Meter Relay: 3, Ipswich B, 2:03.73.

4x400-Meter Relay: 4, Ipswich B, 5:18.90.

4x800-Meter Relay: 2, Ipswich B, 11:35.32.

High Jump: 2, Paige Mehlberg, 4-09.00; 5, Gracie Lange, 4-05.00.

Pole Vault: 2, Izabella McQuarie, 8-06.00; 2, Mckenzie Evans, 8-06.00; 4, Quincy Olivier, 7-06.00; 5, Kaitlyn Williams, 7-00.00.

Triple Jump: 4, Izabella McQuarie, 30-06.00; 8, Gabriela Costa, 26-01.50.

Shot Put: 2, Kate Geditz, 31-00.00; 6, Chesney Olivier, 26-08.50; 7, Bailey Pitz, 26-03.50.

Discus: 2, Kate Geditz, 87-09; 4, Chesney Olivier, 79-04; 5, Bailey Pitz, 73-00.


100-Meter Dash: 3, Ty Kadlec, :11.72; 4, Dylan Owens, :11.73; 8, Sheldon Neitzel, :12.76.

200-Meter Dash: 2, Ty Kadlec, :24.89.

400-Meter Dash: 3, Riley Nehlich, :55.14; 4, Carson Simes, :55.32; 8, Matthew Hettich, :58.15.

800-Meter Run: 7, Xavier Kadlec, 2:58.30.

1,600-Meter Run: 4, Taylor Thorson, 5:43.70; 5, Evan Onken, 5:55.53.

110-Meter Hurdles: 2, Josh McQuarie, :16.57; 4, Chris Reynolds, :19.40; 5, Carter Geditz, 19:51.

Tigers Maxwell Geditz and Ben Kulesa in the 800M Run.

300-Meter Hurdles: 3, Carter Geditz, :48.90; 4, Chris Reynolds, :49.62.

4x200-Meter Relay: 2, Ipswich B, 1:38.06.

4x400-Meter Relay: 2, Ipswich, 3:46.21.

4x800-Meter Relay: 2, Ipswich, 10:12.46.

Sprint Medley Relay: 3, Ipswich, 4:49.04.

High Jump: 2, Josh McQuarie, 5-02.00; 6, Tyler Hettich, 5-00.00.

Pole Vault: 3, Thomas Goetz, 9-06.00; 4, Jacob Nierman, 9-00.00; 5, Taylor Thorson, 7-06.00; 6, Sheldon Neitzel, 7-00.00.

Long Jump: 4, Dylan Owens, 18-06.75; 5, Chris Reynolds, 16-08.00.

Shot Put: 6, Eric Severson, 35-05.00.

Discus: 3, Carter Heinz, 124-07; 4, Reece Moehlenbrink, 123-11; 5, Eric Severson, 121-03.


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