August 10, 2022

Storm sewer project

I have to apologize for not having exact numbers but the timing of the 1 ½ hour “open house” prevents accessing detailed information in time to get this letter into the Ipswich Tribune in time for publication before the City Counsel’s possible vote next Monday. So, I’ll have to go with what I know so far.

First of all, the total cost of the proposed project is north of $13 million. To put it another way, that would be more than $13,000 for every man, woman and child currently living in Ipswich. The project will be done in phases. The first two phases are: 1) cleaning out the creek on the south west side of town. And phase 2 will put a storm sewer main line and some number of trunks to facilitate drainage for the area south of 12 and west of 45. The cost to the city would be about $800,000. That amount would then be added to the city utility bill of every household within the city, whether or not this portion of the project benefits you.

Now consider that the rest of the project has no funding at the moment. If a fiscally responsible party takes the majority in the U S Congress, what are the chances that there will be adequate funding available from the federal government to finish the rest of the town at an affordable cost.

If approved at next Monday’s City Counsel meeting, it is more than likely that the additional cost to your city utility bill will go up by $100 per month by the time this project is completed.

I find it irritating that such a large project is being pushed through so quickly and with very little time for public comment. In my opinion, a one and a half hour “open house” just doesn’t cut it for a project that could add $100/ month to my cost of living. It feels like I’m being railroaded by someone with an ulterior motive. In fact, I feel that such a large project is better considered by those of us who are going to end up funding the project by bringing it up to a vote of the people.

- Ed Bierman


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