The Library Remembers When...

From the Ipswich Tribune

August 16, 1928 edition


While working in the Dailey Memorial Garden on the vacant lots north of the Opera House. J. W. Parmley picked up the lower jaw of a human being. Dr. Auchampach says it is that of a child of 7 to 10 years of age as some of the teeth are permanent while others are the baby teeth. The bone while well preserved shows many years of exposure.

As to how it came there will always be a mystery. Search was made for other parts of the skeleton and broken pieces of bone were found but none were defined as being human bones. Old timers will recall that in the eighties car loads of buffalo bones were piled on this ground as they were assembled for shipment and it is possible this was a part of the bones then gathered. Mr. Parmley is submitting it to experts to ascertain as to whether it is part of the remains of an Indian or a white person.


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