Special Olympians compete at Milbank


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Pictured, back row, L to R, Kathy Kulm, Special Education Teacher; Martha Tran, Special Education Paraprofessional; Jenn Simon, parent and Special Education Paraprofessional; Dawn Graham, Head Coach and Special Education Teacher; Max Simon, freshman; Cash Henderson, freshman; Johnathan Kamps, 18-21 Year Old Transition Program. (Middle row): Deb Braun, Special Education Paraprofessional and Best Bus Driver Ever!; Coy Stager, freshman; Colden Marshall, 7th grade; Haley Wipf, 6th grade; George Marshall, freshman; Teagan Cody, 18-21 Year Old Transition Program (Aspire); Carlee Wika, Coach and Special Education Teacher. (Front Row): Carter Batista, 5th grade; DixieGrace Marshall, 3rd grade and Isaiah Goetz,  18-21 Year Old Transition Program (Aspire).

The Ipswich Tiger Special Olympics Team attended the Area Track and Field Event in Milbank on May 4, 2024.

"We had great weather and were especially grateful to everyone in Milbank who helped organize and run this event!" said Dawn Graham.

Event List and Ribbon places are as follows: Johnathan Kamps: 50m run - 3rd place, softball throw - 2nd place, standing long jump - 1st place; Isaiah Goetz: 100m dash - 6th place, softball throw - 1st place, running long jump - 2nd place; Teagan Cody: 50m dash - 3rd place, softball throw - 1st place, standing long jump - 1st place; Coy Stager: 50m run - 4th...

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