End of the year Edmunds Central Honor Rolls

The Edmunds Central Fourth Quarter and Second Semester Honor Rolls were released recently.

Students on the Honor Rolls are:

4th Quarter A Honor Roll

First Grade: Tenley Heyne, Milo Meier, and Isabella Spears

Second Grade: Oakley Beyers and Liam Heyne

Third Grade: Jack Wesch and Kellan Wollman

Fourth Grade: Brooklyn Wollman

Fifth Grade: Corbin Beyers, Morgan Rohrbach, Vayda Roth, Declan Schumacher, and Emma Wesch

Sixth Grade: Logan Waldner

Seventh Grade: Brayden Heyne

Eighth Grade: Sophie Kroll and Alyssa Rohrbach

Ninth Grade: Kennadi Aman, Cash Anderson, Jillian Fischer, Aiden Goings, Ashton H...


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