Discussing improving Ipswich at Business After Hours!


November 23, 2022

The Ipswich Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) hosted “Business After Hours!” on November 16 in Agtegra.

Development Corporation president Scott Kilber opened the idea session.

The IEDC worked with the ICDC to focus on and study the local economy. They made a list of recommendations to build a thriving and resilient local economy.

Seven recommendations were made for the IEDC action plan. Kilber said they are looking for volunteers who are interested in one of the recommendations to help on a committee to address the need.

The first focus is to address the housing shortages and concerns by utilizing the Strategic planning model.

Second was developing formal and informal stakeholder gatherings to enhance communication and better align the community’s efforts. The Development Corporation’s “Business After Hours!” is the first step to meet that step.

The study’s next idea was “Maximize the value of the Ipswich Area Foundation.”

Next idea was “Identify the land and plan to develop a shovel-ready industrial space for when the community is ready and able to attract new residents and businesses.”

Kilber said they need to find local land that can be developed for future use.

The fifth focus would be “Access the vocational training and workforce programs in the Ipswich School System to make sure they are aligned with the needs of businesses.” Kilber said the school administration is looking at the options to meet that focus.

Next step was “Encourage entrepreneurship in the private amenties and skilled trades.”

The last idea was to “begin to explore ideas and options for future downtown revitaliations efforts.” That area could be anywhere Kilber said — on Main Street or Highway 12 or 45.

Kilber said they hope to get input from more interested persons in the future. The Developmement Corporation plans to have another “Business After Hours!” idea session in January.


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