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Fiddlin' Around


August 23, 2023

Believe it not, we got a taker last Wednesday morning for the Wedding RSVP card we got in the office. Abigail and Mathieu were family of a local person who read “Fiddlin’ Around”. Glad we could help.

We have talked about how you can see which food lines are the busiest at a fair and the reasons why. We have thought that there is indeed a reason for which lines are the longest and that would most likely be the ones with the best food.

We were going to check out the Brown County Fair on Sunday the last day of the fair. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon with decent weather and not blast-furnace hot as earlier in the fair. Because of that heat and being busy at work we indeed waited until Sunday and even then weren't sure whether or not we wanted to attend the 2023 Fair. But we decided to go in the afternoon and we were glad that we did.

The music was great and even included a familiar marching band leading a huge antique tractor parade. You probably guessed it that the band was indeed the NSU Wolves marching band. Very impressive guys!

We really didn't follow through on our food line experiment. But instead we chose a booth that was a charitable organization with the proceeds going to a good cause. But I will admit we did try what you would definitely have to call junk food!


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