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Tigers find goal line in Dupree


October 12, 2022

Ipswich improved to 5-2 with a non-conference 68-13 varsity football win over Dupree in Dupree last Friday. That leaves one remaining game on the Tigers' regular-season schedule — a LRC league affair to be hosted by Ipswich vs. the North Central Thunder on Friday.

Versus Dupree the Tigers were indeed able to score nine touchdowns, while holding Dupree to only two.

Ian Beyers would get things started with a 15-yard TD pass to Tyler Hettich with a Beyers to Hettich conversion pass as well. Carter Geditz would then earn a four-yard TD run with Beyers passing to Trevor Heinz for the conversion. Those 16 points would prove to be all the Tigers would really need, but let's just say they added a lot of insurance scoring.

Beyers would indeed find Hettich with a 20-yard TD pass and Beyers would also pass to Colby Sylte for the PATs. Beyers also hooked up with Sylte for a 35-yard pass completion to paydirt and Max Kulesa added yet another two-point conversion carry.

In the second quarter Hettich broke free for a 31-yard TD run with Sylte crossing the goalline for the PATs. Beyers would later pass to Carter Geditz for a five-yard TD followed by a Kulesa conversion carry.

Then Hettich scampered 45 yards into paydirt with the PAT play failing. Beyers next added a touchdown pass of five yards to Hettich with the conversion try again failing. But Beyers linked up with Chet Peterson for a 45-yard aerial TD and Hettich completed scoring with a successful conversion run.

That translated into a 12 of 15 passing evening by Beyers that would cover 221 yards and produce six touchdowns. One receiver would be Sylte with three catches for 88 yards and one TD. Peterson added 65 yards on two catches with a TD and Hettich came up with five catches for 60 yards including three touchdowns. Carter Geditz was able to add that remaining reception of five yards.

The Tigers improved their total yardage with a 13-124 rushing night that featured three touchdowns. That was led by Hettich with seven runs of 101 yards and two touchdowns. Carter Geditz would add one carry for his four-yard rushing TD.

Defensively Ipswich had a team effort led by Tyler Hettich, Carter Geditz and Casey Geditz, all with five tackles. Hettich included an interception. Next would be Peterson with four tackles. And Darrell Yost had three tackles and a sack with Heinz adding two tackles and an interception. Kulesa contributed one tackle and one interception, as well.

There wasn't any information regarding Dupree as of our newspaper deadline.


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